International Festival for Arts, Inclusion and Diversity on the 26th & 27th February, 2022.

Part I is about Arts Inclusion and Diversity. How the Arts empower people.
Saturday 15:00-17:40 JST(GMT+9)
15:00 Opening, Explanation of how to proceed, AFA Ambassador Greetings, Opening Remarks
15:15 Symposium Part 1 the first half Singapore, Malaysia, Japan(Video Presentation)
16:30 Symposium Part 1 the second half Myanmar, Japan
17:15 Discussion
Presentation country
Moderator Mr. Mok Chiu Yu,Chief Executive, Centre for Community Culcural Development ,Hong Kong

Part II is about of Networking and link up of SAORI weaving. Sunday 14:00-17:35 JST(GMT+9)
14:00 Opening & Explanation of how to proceed
14:05 Symposium Part 2 the first half “Presentations from Asian countries” Presentation & Workshop.
16:05 Symposium Part 2 the second half “Presentations from Europe countries” Video Presentation & discussion
17:15 Video SAORI fashion live & closing
Presentation country
Japan, Cambodia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines, U.K., France, Sweden, Israel.
Moderator Ms. Becky Martinez Santos ,Director Executive
Love of Hands Saori Philippines, Philippines


Our dream and our goal will be the day comes when we don’t have to use the word ”Inclusion” That is where all people are included to the society, live equally and no one is left behind as it is said in SDGs. That becomes as a matter of course.

However the reality is on the way to achieve this dream. To realize “inclusion” and “diversity” in a real sense, it is necessary to have step by step exercise and effort in each society. This Symposium is designed to exchange the experience we all strive everyday for realizing “Inclusion” and “Diversity”.

We would also like to discuss about the people outside of social inclusion. We also hope that the symposium will open to everybody not only the specialists but to the general public to actually feel and experience “Inclusion” and “Diversity”.


The symposium consists of two parts. Part I is about Arts Inclusion and Diversity. How the Arts empower people.   Part II is about of Networking and link up of SAORI weaving . We pick up SAORI as a good example of Inclusion.

We also present music performance from Japan (Express Diversity Concert), Presentation of visual arts & SAORI Fashion Show.


Philippines, Thai, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan


To implement “Art For All” in showing the arts by all to all people.

To share and vitalize the successful example in Asia of Arts Culture and Expression by the specialist and practitioner on the advanced cases.

Through SAORI fashion show, not only the specialists but the general public can experience inclusion and diversity which appeals the glorious value for all people.


Arts are the activities of self-expression. They magnify the ability of human-being and represent value of living. To collect and exchange the cases of the Arts create the society where all people have well-being and purpose of life. In Asia, the interest towards inclusion and diversity is rising. Many cases are practiced and promote the participation of persons with disabilities and vulnerable people to the society.


To strengthen the network of inclusive society with diversity through the exchange of views. of the cases. Not only the specialists, but the general publics’ views can look up the possibility of the power of the Arts.

To empower all people by Arts to make the society inclusive and diverse.

There are student discounts, press invitations, and speaker invitations.
Please contact me first.  afa@artforalljapan.org

International Festival for Arts, Inclusion and Diversity
Host: Art for All Japan 
Organizer: HIRASAWA YOKO (Art for All Japan, Japan)
Grant-in-aid: EXPO’70 FUND