The international forum ended successfully on September 24th and 25th.

The international discussion ended on September 24th and 25th.
The online conference was conducted simultaneously in English, Japanese, Cantonese, Mandarin Chinese and Cantonese Sign Language.
Participating countries include Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Japan, Ecuador, and Israel.

The video is archived on the CCCD Facebook page.

The 1st session of International Online

Topic: SAORI, Arts and Their Implications on Independent Living

24/9/2022 週六 Sat 3pm-5pm (GMT+8)

主持 Moderator: 盧勁馳 Clayton Lo Keng Chi

講者 Speakers: 萱野智篤 Tomoatsu Kayano, 彭玉嬌 Peng Yujiao, 楊漪 Eve Yeung, 何仲民 Chung Man Ho (Ken) , 周慧欣 Charlotte Chow



The 2nd session of International Online

SAORI in Reconstruction after Natural Disaster, SAORI in Therapy, SAORI and Well-being

24/9/2022 週六 Sat 7:30pm-9:30pm (GMT+8)

主持 Moderator: 馬穎汶 Clayton Lo Keng Chi

講者 Speakers: 蔡嘉玲 Choi Ka Ling, Gallery , Camola Valarezo, 東山高志 Higashiyama Takashi, 青地真美Isambert Mami, 彭秀芝 Maria Pang


Sorry for the WiFi problem, we couldn’t get chance to show you the full version of Sign Language song of “Friends”. Hope this video can compensate a bit for you.


The 3rd session of International Online

Topic: Leadership in Inclusive Arts

25/9 週日 Sun 3pm – 5pm (GMT+8)

主持 Moderator: 劉南茜 Nanxi Liu

講者 Speakers: 竹樋秀康 Takehi Hideyasu, 張倬豪 Anthony Cheung, 盧勁馳 Clayton Lo Keng Chi, 李雅瑜 Joyce Lee Nga Yu, 譚美卿 Janet Tam Mei Hing


The 4th session of International Online

Topic: Inclusion, Diversity and Accessibility

25/9 週日 Sun 7:30pm – 9:30pm (GMT+8)

主持 Moderator: 莫昭如 Mok Chiu Yu

講者 Speakers: 月嶋紫乃 Tsukishima Shino, Tim Wheeler, 鍾永健 Chung Wing Kin, 陳鈺意 Chan Yuk Yee, 陳俊傑 Chan Tsun Kit, 盧業琳 Eileen Lu, Ja’el Batyah Hatch, 劉南茜 Nanxi Liu, Rebecca Martinez Santos

The presentation from the Philippines could not be performed live due to the typhoon.
Instead, I gave a presentation with a pre-recorded video.

This symposium was made possible thanks to the great cooperation of CCCD and the presenters from all over the world.
Thanks to all.