Notice of schedule change

Until February 20, Japan will implement COVID-19 epidemic prevention measures. Because of that, the studio cannot be used. Delay the schedule by 2 weeks.
The schedule is as follows.

Part I is about Arts Inclusion and Diversity. How the Arts empower people.
Saturday 15:00-17:30 JST(GMT+9)
Presentation country
Singapore,Malaysia,Japan,Myanmar,Hong Kong
Moderator Mr. Mok Chiu Yu,Chief Executive, Centre for Community Culcural Development ,Hong Kong

Part II is about of Networking and link up of SAORI weaving. Sunday 14:00-16:30 JST(GMT+9)
Presentation country
Japan, Cambodia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines
Moderator Ms. Becky Martinez Santos ,Director Executive
Love of Hands Saori Philippines, Philippines

There are student discounts, press invitations, and speaker invitations.
Please contact me first.  afa@artforalljapan.org